Hymnology Vol. 2

Newsflash!! The music for Hymnology Vol. 2 is done. Looks like that will be the next undertaking of the Kash Wright Trio. Stay tuned for more.

New Gear New Sound

In an attempt to fix what I diagnosed as mediocre tone, I've assembled an assortment of new gear, the most important of which are an Argentinian upright bass made by Marco Gabriel Martorelli and Bergantino amps and cabinets. The Martorelli bass sounds much warmer (and larger) than my previous bass;...

Fourth Time's the Charm

The Kash Wright Trio is churning out our 4th CD. We've hit Christmas tunes, jazz standards, originals, and hymns. What's left you ask? Pop Tunes! Yes, CD 4 will consist of tunes by the likes of Tom Petty, Prince, Goo Goo Dolls, Bob Marley, and Michael Jackson. What's more, half...

No Treble Feature

I was honored to have been chosen as the bassist of the week on www.notreble.com. Thanks to all for the congratulations and kinds words. You can see the feature here.

Hymnology Review

The latest release from the Kash Wright Trio, Hymnology Vol. 1, got its first online review today. Check out what Eric Brewington (jazzbrew.com) had to say about our most recent recording.

New Release

Kash Wright Trio\'s latest CD, Hymnology, Vol. 1, is now available for download at CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.com. CD\'s will be available later this month. This was a fun CD to record and if all goes as planned, this the first in a series of three such CD\'s.

CD #3

The Kash Wright Trio's third CD, Hymnology Vol. 1, is right around the corner. This was a fun CD to record... Kash's arrangements of some familiar hymns will take you from the front pew of your grandmother's church to the streets of New Orleans. Stay tuned for more info.

New Addition to the Family

My newest instruments by Harvey Citron (Citron Guitars) and Valentina Nardo (Alter Ego USA) have caused me to explore the use of acoustic/electric instruments in a jazz setting.... so much so that I'm expecting a new addition to the family in a few months. Looking forward to adding a Veillette...

Another CD Appearance

The CD we recorded with vocalist Sharon Raquel is in the final stages of production. This is the last of three CD projects we recorded in a 9-day period in the summer of 2012. This was the most difficult as we had no idea what tunes we'd be asked to...

The Blogs Are Coming Back

After about six months of blogging for the Afro Newspaper, I've decided to bring the blogs back to BASSicallyInspired. There were just too many topics that I could not blog about in a newspaper. Besides, blogging wasn't nearly as much fun when it became a job. Just give me a...

New Trio In the Making

I've had the pleasure of playing a number of gigs with guitarist Kevin Mittleman. As a result of our chemistry, we're toying with the idea of forming an electric trio. Check out the samples in the "Listen" section. These were recorded during a small jam session in Sterling, VA. I'm...

Playing the Basso at Maryland Summer Jazz

I learned recently that I was the first customer for Alter Ego USA when I bought my Alter Ego bass last September. This week I was asked to present the Basso at Maryland Summer Jazz next month. While not quite an endorsement, I'm really excited to be asked to present...

New Sound Samples

Samples from the upcoming CD "And There It Is" can now be heard under the listen tab. Stay tuned for news on the release and the CD release party at Twins Jazz next month.

Another CD In The Books

The Kash Wright Trio just put the finishing touches on our second CD, "And There It Is." Look for that CD in March and plan to attend our CD release party at Twins Jazz on Thursday, March 14th.

In The City Of David

At long last, the Kash Wright Trio's Christmas CD, In The City Of David, is completed and should be ready for download on Monday, December 3rd. Samples can be heard in the "Listen" section.

New Edition

Just wanted to take a moment to welcome the newest member of the Montgomery musical family... the Alter-Ego upright bass. The Hybrid model is an amazing compromise between acoustic tone and portability. No more schlepping the big bass through DC. Thanks to Valentina Nardo, Alter-Ego USA!

A Cameo Appearance

I got a text from bassist Anthony Wellington the other day telling me I would be appearing on Victor Wooten's next CD, Sword and Stone. The release date is September 25th. Hard to believe that one of those 10 bassists is me.

Another Show in Tennessee

The Kash Wright Trio has picked up a second gig in Sewanee, TN. Bobby Beall and I will join Kash for his regular Saturday evening gig at Pearl's Cafe on October 6th. Check the "Itinerary" section for more info.

Blogs Drawing Interest

Believe it or not, my musings have drawn interest from at least one newspaper. So there may come a time you'll be reading them in print instead of online.

Upcoming Recordings

The Kash Wright Trio recently recorded three CDs... two of our own and one with vocalist Sharon Raquel. Stay tuned for information on the release of "Scrat's Revenge" and "In The City of David" in late 2012.